Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Spiders in the family Uloboridae are the only spiders in the world that do not possess venom glands.  They wrap their prey in silk and cover it in digestive enzymes.  Several genera exist, with webs ranging from perfectly horizontal orb webs (Uloborus spp) to single horizontal silk lines (Miagrammopes spp).  Uloborus spp have long front legs held forward and slightly apart and a very bulbous abdomen.  Miagrammopes hold their long front legs in a similar fashion, but have long slender abdomens, giving the spider a curious shape. 

LIFESTYLE: Sedentary and web-bound
HABITAT: On bushes and low vegetation and around the eaves of buildings
BODY SIZE (excluding legs): 3-10 mm
ACTIVITY: Nocturnal
DANGER: Harmless (more harmless than any other!)
 Above: Uloborus sp. - HACKLED ORB-WEB SPIDER. Notice four front legs held forward and then split at the front.  Lots of debris in the web is also common, as shown here.  These webs look like typical orb webs, built almost horizontally, with the spider hanging upside down on the underside of the web.  Small spiders, often found under the eaves of roofs.
Above: Uloborus sp. - HACKLED ORB WEB SPIDER. Notice the large, odd-shaped abdomen, which differs from Miagrammopes sp. (not shown here) which has a long slender abdomen.

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